What’s included in your garden? A lawn? Paving? Garden lighting? A water feature? A fish pond? Our gardening services can provide expertise across all those areas of your garden.

Services and rates

Resurrection Gardens provides the following horticultural and gardening services. 

Garden advisory & design:

Review of your garden carried out. A document is then produced that includes findings, proposed design, recommendations on plant selection and other improvements required to bring your garden back to life.  
Price: $165.00  (inc.GST)

Garden project:

Includes advisory and design, plant selection, restructuring of soil (re-establishing microorganisms and organic nutrients within the soil), planting/implementation, irrigation and any other services as required to bring your garden back to life. 
The total price for a garden project will be comprised of two components: 

  • Plants and materials – procured at wholesale prices 
  • Horticultural services – $71.50 per hour (inc. GST)

For most of the projects we have delivered, services comprise approximately 75% of the total price. 

To provide an indication of what a garden project may cost, given the requirements for both Plants and Materials and Services will vary from garden to garden, the approximate total price of the gardens we have completed is provided in the ‘Our clients’ gardens’ section of the website.

Garden maintenance:

Regularly delivered services to maintain and enhance your garden. Rate: $71.50 per hour (inc. GST) based on a 6-month contract term. A standard-sized garden (front & rear) may require between 4-6 hours per month for the warmer months (October-March) and 3-4 hours per month for the cooler months (April – September).