The who, where, why and what of Resurrection Gardens.


Resurrection Gardens is Chrystie Klein and Malcolm Webster, two long-time friends who both had a passion for gardening and who both found themselves out of work due to COVID-19, Chrystie from a career spent as a sales executive in corporate IT and Malcolm, a fine dining chef who had a career working in catering for an international airline. The inspiration to start Resurrection Gardens and to follow her passion, came to Chrystie only hours after she had been informed of her redundancy and she could think of no one better to partner in the gardening business than Malcolm.

Resurrection Gardens, as a business, was registered on May 18, 2020 with work commencing at their first client on May 21. Since then they have worked continuously for other clients, all of whom have been exceptionally happy with their ‘resurrected’ gardens.

Where Resurrection Gardens is unique from many other gardening businesses is that instead of simply mowing lawns and trimming hedges, they look at the garden as a whole; the quality of the soil, the health and suitability of the plants, trimmings and borders,

fences, water features and garden lighting and work closely with their clients to understand their relationship with their garden and their desires and requirements for its ‘resurrection’.

While Resurrection Gardens stress the importance to their clients that they maintain an on-going involvement (relationship) with their garden, Chrystie and Malcolm will always treat any garden they have worked in as their own.

Malcolm Webster

If there is one attribute that Malcolm is known for above all others, it’s his gardening prowess. He can trace the start of his relationship with the garden to the age of twelve when his parents allocated a space in their backyard to be his garden exclusively. It was also around this time that he started helping his grandmother with her garden and during the times they spent working together, she imparted to Malcolm her lifetime of knowledge of plants and gardening. And now for over forty years, gardening has always been an important part of Malcolm’s life, his passion and this is evident in the lush, diverse and colourful garden he has at home.

Whilst gardening has never been Malcolm’s profession (until now), he has accepted invitations from friends or people he has been referred to, to design and build their gardens and one of these gardens, a Japanese garden Malcolm created for a tea-house in Sydney, was recognised with a feature article in Vogue magazine.

Chrystie Klein

Whilst there has almost always been a garden in Chrystie’s life, she never felt any connection with them and never appreciated their value until she moved to Sydney in 2015 and found herself in a living in a house without any semblance of a garden and in a suburb, Balmain, without any topsoil. This is when Chrystie fully realised how important a garden can be to our psychological and even physical wellbeing and this is when her passion for gardening and horticulture began. Chrystie set about making a garden from pots, with most weekends spent buying plants, potting mix and pots and then filling spaces around her yard with the plants she had potted.

Whenever Chrystie made a trip to Melbourne, she would stop over at Malcolm’s so he could fill her car with plants he had potted from his garden and whenever he visited Chrystie in Sydney, he would bring a car-load of plants with him.

In October 2019, Chrystie returned to Melbourne to care for his mother who had developed a chronic health condition. His mother had always loved gardening and had converted most of the land on their quarter acre suburban block into a garden. Chrystie remembers there always being vases of flowers from his mother’s garden in their house; roses, carnations and fresias and she had a large plot where she grew vegetables. Whenever Chrystie visited, she always took a large bag of fresh vegetables from her mother’s garden home with her.

As her mother’s health deteriorated, so too did her garden, becoming overgrown with weeds.

Chrystie’s mother passed away in February this year and to help manage the grieving Chrystie and her father started work to restore the garden. This work is on-going and the garden is slowly being resurrected with new plants selected for the garden conditions and diversity and healthy soil now replacing the weeds.




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